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I always get asked by Cap Intro what funds I am interested in, then I get asked by investors what funds they should look at. Wouldn't it be nice if there's a Netflix-like program which will give me suggestions on what I might like, based on what I select? And remember which funds I am already invested in?

Currently, we are in the process of making available our internal machine learning proprietary algorithms available to selected beta users. As we are not UI/UX experts, we are still in the process of designing the GUI for the general public, but we are making substantial headway towards customizing each user's experience. 

Strategy Focus

QuantFlix focuses on the following fund strategies, which are of particular interest to us and other investors as these are not usually covered by traditional Cap Intro and consulting firms:

  • Quantitative Funds

  • Emerging Funds

  • Asian Funds

Our Expertise

The QuantFlix team has an expertise in advisory services in manager selection, monitoring and investor engagement:

  • Due Diligence in screening through proprietary information on the QuantFlix database for fund selection and performance monitoring. The team has experience constructing a predictive fund tracking model to monitor portfolio performance which has been covered here.

  • Educational Series for funds to increase exposure and engagement with potential investors, including use of new medium such as videos.

If there are funds not featured on the site you would like to know more about, or if you are a fund hoping to be featured on QuantFlix, send us a request here.















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