Frequently asked questions

Can I list my fund on Quantflix?

As long as your fund has some quantitative elements to decision making or risk management process, we would be interested in listing your fund in our database

How do I list my fund on Quantflix

Simply click here to fill up a form about details of your fund, and of your fund, and our team would get back to you

Do I have to pay to list on QuantFlix?

We are simply a listing platform that is dedicated to bridging the gap between retail investors and quant funds, so we do not charge exorbitant listing fees. However, we do charge a small onboarding fee which is used to cover due diligence costs on every fund that is featured on Please email us at for further information.

Is my information publicly shared on QuantFlix?

As we do not make investment recommendations to our users, we would require funds listed in our database to practice full transparency in releasing information. By signing up your fund to be listed on Quantflix, you automatically approve the dissemination of information you release to us. Please check out our Privacy Policy and Terms for more detail.