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  • What is QuantFlix?
    Quantflix is a listing platform listing for hedge funds which allows intelligent search beyond historical returns. Investors can get recommendations of funds based on keyword selection, including strategy, work experience and correlation. This selection process will continue to be refined with big data from user patterns.
  • What can I do in QuantFlix?
    With our databse of over 100 funds, you can easily seach up for funds that fit your investment strategy. Additionally, we can offer reccomendations for other funds based of funds you are interested in. We do due dilligence on the funds under our database and update the information regularly.
  • How can I register to be a member of QuantFlix?
    Click the Login/Sign up button on the top right of the website. Under the sign up page, fill in your details to create an account. We will receive the information and perform due diligence checks on all our new users. Your account should be approved within 7 days
  • Why is my account not approved?
    We perform due dillgence checks on all new users. If your account is not approved after 7 days, please contact us at
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