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Kohinoor Series Three


Aim: The Fund is a global macro/ long volatility strategy designed to generate performance in most market environments as the fund managers have developed an edge in identifying mis-valued assets whilst maintaining a mix of bullish and bearish positions.

Benefits: Screening the global universe of volatility assets the portfolio provides pan asset class exposure to niche investment opportunities. The Fund seeks to offer:

- Innovative options strategies seeking value opportunities in the long end of the volatility curve.

- Dedicated long volatility, buy and hold ideas benefiting from strong moves in both volatility and direction.

- Reduced portfolio risk and improved compound returns.

- True diversification with embedded tail risk protection: negative correlation in a systematic crisis where exponential returns can be achieved.

Investment Instruments: The Fund mainly invests in options. It buys and holds a diversified portfolio of puts and calls on global commodities, equities, interest rates and currencies.

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