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Trinnacle Capital

New York City

Trinnacle uses a variety of data sources and tools to capture the world’s data and feed it into its analytics algorithms. In combination, these can give unprecedented live insights into economies and corporations. Trinnacle is constantly screening new data-sets. These are tested in customized strategies before being deployed on a fund level. This gives Trinnacle a pipeline of new strategies as outlined below:

- Geolocation: Trinnacle’s unique geolocation dataset allows it to track the performance of numerous listed companies around the US. This results in event-based trades around quarterly announcements with Trinnacle anticipation the direction of stock price movements.

- Commodities Futures: Using data from the commodities markets, Trinnacle can predict the price movements in certain futures contracts. This strategy has performed well in historical test and trades realized by the management company.

- Ecommerce: By collecting web-based data from various sources, Trinnacle can monitor the performance of e-commerce businesses and anticipate stock price jumps around the companies’ announcement dates

- Sentiment Trends: Trinnacle’s algorithms can pick up on sentiment changes around company announcements. This strategy uses index-hedged trades to capture this reflection in the stock price anticipated by our data.

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